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Sit Down & Buffet Menu

Breakfast & Brunch

Panagyurski eggs

Balkan style eggs Benedict, with yogurt sauce, feta cheese and paprika. Served with toast

Banitsa/ Burek

Traditional Filo stuffed with feta cheese, eggs and spinach and baked to perfection

Balkan Omlet

Roasted red pepper/Feta cheese/Scallions/Tomatoes/Red Onions

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Lunch & Dinner

Skara/ Grill items

Chicken or Pork Shish kabob, Kyufte, Kebabche, Pljeskavica, Pork chops, Steaks, Grilled chicken breast...

Stuffed peppers or Stuffed Cabbage

Stuffed with smoked pork and beef and rice.


Layers of potatoes, meat and vegetables, baked to perfection and topped with balkan style bechamel

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